Judo Clubs in Angmering

Ages 5 - 12


Angmering Village Hall

5 - 6 pm

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Judo Clubs in Littlehampton

Ages 12+


 Littlehampton Wave

10:30 - 11:30 am

£20 a month

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Why DO Judo?

Martial Arts in West Sussex


Learning to protect yourself and be confident in your own abilities, helping you or your children with their independence and self-respect.

Martial Arts in West Sussex


For both children and adults, Judo is a way to socialise with like-minded people, make friends and learn new skills. This is especially important for kids to develop social skills with other Judoka their own age and to learn from our older members. 

Martial Arts in West Sussex


Judo helps you or your children learn positive character traits and behaviours. Judo is a way for people to learn to work hard for their goals in a satisfying and fun way. Through Judo your willpower, respect for others, and willingness to improve are all pushed and grown, making the sport a great way to help develop you or your children in all factors of life.

Martial Arts in West Sussex


For the fighter in us, ASJC offers both in-club competitions, as well as contests across the country for you or your children to test your skills and earn medals for your hard work. Competitions allow you to test your skills to the fullest in a safe environment, fight new opponents and join the club on a day out to fight for the best medal you can.

Martial Arts in West Sussex


As a high intensity sport, Judo helps people of all ages keep fit and healthy. It works in many forms of fitness naturally into the session, helping your strength, flexibility, speed and stamina, all in a fun one hour a week slot. 

Martial Arts in West Sussex


ASJC has taken on a number of members with disabilities both mental and physical. We have always accommodated to the needs of the member and never turned anyone down. Judo helps people with physical disabilities learn their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to gain better strength and co-ordination. Judo has also helped people with social and behavioural difficulties through the teaching, discipline and working with other members. 


We Run our club under the organisation the AJA, or Amateur Judo Association. For more information, click the logo below.

Amatuer Judo Association West Sussex