ASJC sponsors 'The Hawks'

It may not be well known but Judo and Rugby are complimentary sports. So much so that the current England rugby coach Eddie Jones took the rugby squad to train with the British Judo squad a couple of years ago. Olympic Silver medallist Neil Adams has worked with the Welsh rugby team and the All Blacks have promoted judo as part of their conditioning training.

In Judo the judoka is used to being thrown and grappling to gain an advantage. There are very similar requirements for rugby especially at the break down where different sized players contest for the ball. By applying the techniques used in judo it is possible using balance, momentum and skill for a small player to 'throw' somebody who is heavier and bigger.

A number of our members play rugby and are involved with Worthing Rugby Club. As a number of the U10 team 'The Hawks' do judo at our Tuesday night session in Angmering Village Hall, Sensei James Bond, in conjunction with the Hawks Team Manager Julie Oakford (and mum of judoka's Charlie and Jacob), decided to sponsor the Hawks team and a number of hoodies were purchased with the ASJC badge on the back. We think they look great and are a fabulous way to promote the club and support our members who play rugby.


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